McAdoo Perkins: The River
McAdoo Perkins: Band of Brothers
Char Butler: Secrets of the Heart
Char Butler & Amber Whitworth: Sleepers Awake
Chuck Eaton & Tinna Romanius: We
Chuck Eaton: Lights
Celeste Friedman: Single 101
Celeste Friedman: The Son of A Soldier
Joe Calderone: It Took A While
Joe Calderone: Dad (The Highest Light) - Acoustic
Angie Nussey: Paint and Turpentine
Andy Martin: Intervals
ChordSlinger: Deliverance from Flames
Elena Rose: Elena Rose II
Eric Gnezda: In Another Place and Time
Gilli Moon: Temperamental Angel
Lindsey Rayl: I
Other Corner Jug Band: OCJB
Tania Cordobes: Looking Back, Thinking Ahead
Tania Cordobes: Containers and Jars
Shane Martin: Rewind
Shari Ulrich: The Best of Shari Ulrich
Vinny Piana: Beg me to forgive
Jerry Schickling: It All Comes Back To Me
Delinda Layne: Reflection
Francis Jocky: Sanctified
Laura Roppe: I
Sarah Goslee Reed: Mystery
Brian Hyland: Triple Threat: Vol 2
Eleanor Fye: Drive
Gene Pringle: You Don
The Walker Avenue Gang: Live At The Parlor
Rachel Cain: Turn Up the Radio
Randy Clark: Like a Weed
Brock Country: The Year
Jason Mento: Just Live Now
Gene Pringle: Crazy on my Guitar
This Is Lizzard: Won
`OPO: Getaway
John Dartnell: Thanks for Asking
Celeste Friedman: The Road to Santiago
The C.R. Ecker Band: I Just Wanna Meet Girls
Amia Franz: Enduring Love